Umaga Cafe

With beautiful graphics, illustration, and delicious pastry and drink visuals, Umaga Cafe’s website redesign establishes these key elements that celebrate Filipino cuisine fusion.


Current website design has several design issues that relate to heirarchy and inconsistency. This may lead to user confusion about Umaga Cafe as a brand and cause a lack of interest visually.


To highlight their products and services, the goal was to create a more user friendly web experience and create more brand look consistency.

Audit Recommendations


Reconstruct home page & its current hierarchy for more consistency & smoother UI/UX.

Either combine “Mission” & “Our Story” topic tabs into one page OR integrate into home page.

Add content to the “Menu” topic tab & move tabs such as “News/Media” that are more like subtopics.


Fix type issues & the inconsistencies.

Add more imagery & color based off their logo color palette to add interest.

Redesign current check out
and product pages.

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Designing out the issues start here and will explore how the process was done.

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